Surnames C-H will order

Year Will Forename Will Surname Named Surname Named Forename Notes
1777 Mary Cherry Cherry Joshua son
1777 Mary Cherry Cherry Thomas son
1777 Mary Cherry Massey Richard son in law
1777 Mary Cherry Henshall Elizabeth Grandaughter
1777 Mary Cherry Brown Nancy Grandaughter
1777 Mary Cherry Cherry James son
1777 Mary Cherry Henshall Mary daughter
1777 Mary Cherry Wainwright Hannah daughter
1777 Mary Cherry Brown Betty daughter
1777 Mary Cherry Warburton Josiah brother, of Tabley
1777 Mary Cherry Cherry Edward son, of Barnshaw
1777 Mary Cherry Kinsey John Witness
1777 Mary Cherry Amson Moses Witness
1787 Edward Dean Dean Thomas son of Barnshaw
1787 Edward Dean Kennerley Martha daughter, wife of Samuel of Cranage
1787 Edward Dean Alcock Mary daughter, wife of John of Goostrey 
1787 Edward Dean Mainwaring Henry Baronet Decd Estate owes money to Edward
1787 Edward Dean Alcock John son in law
1787 Edward Dean Daniel Ann grandaughter, wife of Henry of Marthall
1787 Edward Dean Thompson Elizabeth grandaughter, wife of Mark of Siddington
1787 Edward Dean Dean Martha grandaughter
1787 Edward Dean Dean Mary grandaughter
1787 Edward Dean Dean Peter grandson of Barnshaw
1787 Edward Dean Dean Thomas grandson of Rudheath
1787 Edward Dean Dean Catherine grandaughter
1787 Edward Dean Kennerley Samuel Executor
1787 Edward Dean Mee Peter grandson, of Goostrey ,Miller
1787 Edward Dean Hasehurst Thomas Witness
1787 Edward Dean Kinsey Garside Witness
1787 Edward Dean Cartwright John Witness
1805 Charles Finlow Finlow Charles grandson, son of my late son John
1805 Charles Finlow Finlow Thomas grandson, son of my late son John
1805 Charles Finlow Sitler Charlotte daughter
1805 Charles Finlow Bleese Frances daughter
1805 Charles Finlow Booth Mary Aunt of grandson Thomas Finlow
1805 Charles Finlow Hewitt Joseph Executor
1805 Charles Finlow Booth Thomas of Allostock, Executor
1805 Charles Finlow Betley John Witness
1805 Charles Finlow Cherry Thomas Witness
1805 Charles Finlow Cherry James Witness
1772 James Foden Foden James Eldest son
1772 James Foden Pass Jonathan  
1772 James Foden Foden George Youngest Son
1772 James Foden Venables William Executor
1772 James Foden Broady William Witness
1772 James Foden Whittakers John Witness
1803 Sarah Gallimore Flatley Martha sister, of Goostrey
1803 Sarah Gallimore Hasehurst Thomas Witness
1803 Sarah Gallimore Hasehurst George Witness
1803 Sarah Gallimore Pass John Witness
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Naylor Thomas of Middlewich, owes money
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Ridgway Thomas son in law
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Hodgkinson John Executor
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Groom George Executor
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Findlow Charles Witness
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Pass John Witness
1799 John Hobson Hulme Sarah Cousin, wife of Thomas of Toft
1799 John Hobson Holland Mary Witness
1799 John Hobson Owen Mirium Witness
1799 John Hobson Holland William Witness
1787 William Hunt Hunt ? Grandchildren of my late son John, of Warford
1787 William Hunt Burgess Alice daughter
1787 William Hunt Burgess John Grandson
1787 William Hunt Burgess Thomas son in law
1787 William Hunt Hunt Sarah daughter In law, widow
1787 William Hunt Burgess Mary daughter, wife of John of Tabley
1787 William Hunt Burgess Margaret daughter, wife of Joseph of Mobberley
1787 William Hunt Burgess Joseph Executor
1787 William Hunt Burgess Thomas Executor