Surnames K-Y

Year Will Forename Will Surname Named Surname Named Forename Notes
1765 Randle Armstrong Kennerley James
1782 Grace Broady Kennerley Nancy Neice
1782 Grace Broady Kennerley Molly Neice
1782 Grace Broady Kennerley Nancy Executor
1782 Grace Broady Kennerley Jos Witness
1787 Edward Dean Kennerley Martha daughter, wife of Samuel of Cranage
1787 Edward Dean Kennerley Samuel Executor
1765 Randle Armstrong Kinsey Master property leased from
1782 Grace Broady Kinsey Betty Neice, wife of Ralph
1782 Grace Broady Kinsey Ann Neice, wife of Peter
1784 Samuel Broady Kinsey Ann daughter, wife of John
1784 Samuel Broady Kinsey Charles Grandson
1784 Samuel Broady Kinsey John son in law
1777 Mary Cherry Kinsey John Witness
1787 Edward Dean Kinsey Garside Witness
1765 Randle Armstrong Leigh Mary Cousin, of Congleton Widow
1787 Edward Dean Mainwaring Henry Baronet Decd Estate owes money to Edward
1777 Mary Cherry Massey Richard son in law
1787 Edward Dean Mee Peter grandson, of Goostrey ,Miller
1765 Randle Armstrong Mountford Henry of Marton
1782 Grace Broady Naylor Katherine of Knutsford, Executor
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Naylor Thomas of Middlewich, owes money
1765 Randle Armstrong Newton Elizabeth
1799 John Hobson Owen Mirium Witness
1765 Randle Armstrong Pass Elizabeth of Goostrey
1772 James Foden Pass Jonathan
1803 Sarah Gallimore Pass John Witness
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Pass John Witness
1787 William Hunt Pass John Witness
1786 Elizabeth Hobson Ridgway Thomas son in law
1765 Randle Armstrong Robinson Jane Servant
1782 Grace Broady Shaw Samuel Nephew, currently abroad
1782 Grace Broady Shaw John Nephew
1782 Grace Broady Shaw Thomas Nephew
1782 Grace Broady Shaw Peter Nephew
1782 Grace Broady Shaw Charles Nephew
1765 Randle Armstrong Sidebotham John of Congleton
1805 Charles Finlow Sitler Charlotte daughter
1799 James Bratt Starkey Ann daughter
1765 Randle Armstrong Stonier Richard Old Tenant
1765 Randle Armstrong Sutton William of Congleton, Grocer
1787 Edward Dean Thompson Elizabeth grandaughter, wife of Mark of Siddington
1765 Randle Armstrong Venables William Stepson
1765 Randle Armstrong Venables wife of William
1772 James Foden Venables William Executor
1777 Mary Cherry Wainwright Hannah daughter
1777 Mary Cherry Warburton Josiah brother, of Tabley
1772 James Foden Whittakers John Witness
1765 Randle Armstrong Yarwood Roger son of John
1765 Randle Armstrong Yarwood Randle son of John
1765 Randle Armstrong Yarwood Henry son of Roger