List of persons mentioned in the Rentals for May 1743

Borough of Macclesfield, County of Chester


Barn Street and Dog Lane
William Greaves, Mayor and Gentleman
John Hulley
Thomas Birtles
Samuel Huxley
William Clayton
John Stafford, for School, Land, Court Profits and Lee’s House
Thomas Braddock
Francis Nicholson
Charles Bowe
John Brocklehurst, for Blackwell’s House
Samuel Cooper for Allen and Pallace Yard
Thomas Haywood
Jasper Hulley Heirs
Nicholas Thorniley
Rick Johnson’s Heirs
John Hawkins Heirs, and Stcokport Heirs
Jos Eccles Heirs
Samuel Herreman’s Heirs
William Norton’s Heirs, and for Allcock and Ashworth’s House
John Condliffs Heirs
John Glovers Heirs
Samuel Glover, and for Andrews and Wild
Richard Tomkinson
Francis Bostock
Barbers Heirs
William Brocklehurst’s Heirs
Philips Heirs
William Blaggs Heirs
John Swindells
Thomas Broadhurst
Broster’s House and Antrobus
Isaac Bayley
Edmond Thornily
Richard Orme
John Orme
Thomas Mottorshead Heirs
Waggs Heirs, for Park St Teniments
William Wilkinson
Richard Hammond
Roger Rowson
Edward Johnson, also for Mottershead
Henry Farrells Tenants
Rachel Spencer
Jonas Halls Heirs, also for Broken Cross
John Johnsons heirs
Samuel Jepson
Thomas Rowton
Thomas Rowson Senior
Ralph Broadhurst
Widow Smethurst
Girton’s tenement
David Bostock
Aron Orme
Mr Booth and Orme
Joseph Allcok
Killenback, Higinbotham
George Blackwell’s Heirs
Phillip Orme’s House and Taylor
Joseph Mottorsehad and Park
Richard Hulber
Thomas Rowson Junior
Thomas Dickenson
Henshaw’s House and Wildblood
Joseph Street
Thomas Shrigley
Edward Washington
Nat Taylor’s Houses
Mrs Wattson
Samuel Smith
Widow Burgess
Mrs Hurst
Wall Gate and Waters
John Dickenson’s Heirs
Josiah Goodwin
Joseph Hobson
John Stones and Finney
Whitaker’s heirs and Richardson
Antrobus and Brasion
Joseph Morris and for Mill St House
John Blackwell’s Heirs
John Morris
Grace Doxon
Cole Mines for Thomas Pursovall
Morton’s Heirs and Ralph Shrigley
Johnathan Forrest
James Wright
Captain Whittaker
John Gandy
Thomas Gandy
Widow Davenport
John Turner, Dyer
Ralph Jackson’s Heirs and Chesney
John Taylor
Robensons House
Venables and Savage
John Blackwell Rayne
James Braddock
Copper House, Works and Billing
Margaret Bennet
Mill Street
Buckley’s House
Widow Brocklehurst
Trafford By Horden
Richard Berreshense and Joseph Whilde
William Oldham
George Goodwin
James Nixon , Throwster
Micajah Worsley
Amos Hall
Uriah Whitton
Clowes House
Fredrick Billinge
Aaron Ormes Houses
Widow Proctor
William Woodrup
Woodis Gosling
Nixon Houses by Mr Nicolson
Venebles and Bredbury
Ollerenshaw’s Heirs
John Killshall
Mr Hanson
Houghton Houses
Joseph Scarroll
William Blackshaw
Mr Hulley and Gardener
Thomas Warburton
Mary Davenport
Thomas Varden
Richard Smith’s Heirs
Ralph Shrigley
Thomas Davenport
George Chantry
John Hickenbotham
Sampson Salt
Phillip Smallwood
Randle Smallwood
Edward Chandley, Part Empty
Mr Nicolson
Isaac Lowe
Widow Mottorshead
Mr Allcock, grocer
Widow Oaks
Swettenham and Stoddard
Ralph Thornicroft
John Pickering Senior
Johnathan William
Hugh Davie
Widow Hall
Samuel Allen
Mrs Jodril
Back Street
Robert Clowes Esq, for park School Houses and Crofts
Samuel Wood
John Wood
Jasper Hulley, Wall House
John Ashworth
Mr Philpot and Willima Acton
Aaron Birtles
Samuel Norbury
Houghton’s Houses
Moses Harrop
Thomas Twallon
Toft and Hilton
Peter Davenport,
Bullock’s Land
Joseph Hall’s Heirs
William Booth
Baxter for Heald
John Baxter
Jonas Hall and Falkner
John  Clarke
John Poole
Froast and Fidler
Jarvis Cartwright
Ricj Broadhead and Swindells



Samuel Burgess
Foden for Hayes
George Foden
Lints House for Cooper
Venables and Nicolson
John Holland
Robert Thornely, and for Churchyard and Goose Lane
John Brasac
John Brown Joyner
William Buckely
John Whittakers
Edows and Chorleton
Rick Lunt’s Houses
Holland’s Heirs
Widow Shaw, and for Newgate and Park Tenement
Thomas Clarke
Edward  Orme
Johnathan Hulley
Mr Ridley
John Pass
Antrobus and Lindsaw
Nathaniel; Mayor
Davenport Round thornhouse and for Mill Street
Lowes Heirs
Robert Harrop
Thomas Holland
William Young
For Antrobus
Samuel Goodwin
John Bayley
For Coulthurst
For Pickford
Edward Mottorshead
William Heathcoat
Thomas Hall
William Haslehurst
John Fitton
Richard Johnson
Mr Endon’s Heirs
Mrs Wright
Widow Houghton
Thomas Mottordhead and Hibberdine
Edward Haywood
Edward Holt
Edward Farebrther
Mrs Andrew#John Barlkow
Thomas Lawton
John Allen
John Sherwin
Arthur Bradley
Jordan gate
James Sufflebotham
John Bower
Thomas Ferniough
For Thornley
Samuel Thornley
Wood and Stokes
Jos Stokes
John Bostock’s Heirs
Humphrey Scarrott
Jos  Forster
Leah and Allen
Mrs Bamford
Oulton’s Heirs
Thomas Barlow’s Heirs
Burgess and Baxter
Byram and Sumner
Mrs Warren’s Land and Peter Warren
Widow Astle
Samuel Eccles
James Rowson’s Heirs
James Venables
George Heald
Jos Redfern
John Allcock
Samuel Norburry an Eccles
Daniel Eccles
Phillip Holland
John Acton
John Forrest
Swettenham’s Doyle
Daniel Downs
Pimletts House
Grgory’s House
Eccles House
John Harway
Amos Hall 2 Houses
Roger Royden
John Blagg for Bancroft
Samuel Clews
Mr Goddard and Thompson
Mr Drake
Mr Pointon
Mr Venables and Mercer
Mr Wild Tobackaness
Mrs Hawkins
Tythes and Lucas
Mr Evan
John Barber
Thomas Shelton
Mr Bagnall
R Bowere for Bostock’s Houses
Goose Lane and Church Yard side
John Hough
For Pickford
For Chantry
For Swindals
James latham
Samuel Smallwood and Allen
Thomas Mottorshead
Jos Holme
Buxton for Hall
Margaret Livesey
John Venables
Duerson Heirs
Charles Stiles
Peter Billings
Widow Hudson’s Heors
John Hudson
Thomas Orme
George Bancroft
Strettils house
William Brocklehurst
For Hough’s
Hannah Smallwood
John Thornicroft
Mr Johnson
Jos Mottorshead
Park Lane
Thomas Sherd
Fallws and Partington
Lord Barrymore and holt
Smethurst and Swindells
Jos Philpot
John Whittakers
James Stayley
Francis Mottorshead
Nathaniel Crompton
John Hulley
Jos Beeman
Mr Allen and Mr Royden
Henry Davy
William Worthington
John Brocklehurst Overton
Henry Swindals
Shepley and Tomson
John Potts
Tatton’s Tenement
George Graves
Stones Tenement
Edward Stayley
Armfields Tenement
George Graves, Newgate
Broken Cross
Bostock’s House
Jerman’s house
Edward Horton’s house
John Lees
John Davenport
Hammon and Gray
Hugh Jerman
Anthony Bradband
Bostock’s Land
Mr Dumville
John Whitaker
Thomas Venables and Davenport
Brooks and Dawson
Johnsons Tenement
Josiah Smales
Ralph Broadhurst
Bramwell Salt
Downes Heirs
Robert Heaps and Booth
Robert Morton
Samuel Anderson
John Barlow
Swettenham and Green
Jos Ridgway
The town excise officer
The out ride
Malt Mill
Mr Brooks
Antrobus by Stokes