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Below of a list of people who bought Pews at St Michael's Church Macclesfield between 1670 and 1767 .These can be found in the Parish register for St Michael's. The information provided may include a place of residence. sometimes an occupation and if the purchase was made from the church or from another parishioner . The church register gives more detail on the number and position of the pews bought.

Surnames are in Alphabetical order on 3 pages, A-G and H-O and P-Y

Last Name First Name Year Notes
Acton John 1734 Of Macclesfield
Adshead Ann 1717 Of Macclesfield
Alcock John 1720 Of Macclesfield
Allen Samuel 1749 Of Macclesfield, Innkeeper
Amos Thomas 1693 Of Macclesfield
Andrew James 1713 Of Macclesfield Heir of Phillp
Andrew Elizabeth 1721 Of Chestergate, Macclesfield
Andrew Elizabeth 1762 Of Macclesfield, inherited from Mrs Andrew
Arderne Phillip 1679 Of Macclesfield
Arderne John 1749 Of Sutton, Gentleman
Arnfield Robert 1697 Of Macclesfield, bought from Thomas Vadrey
Arnfield William 1709 Of Macclesfield
Arnfield Elizabeth 1709 Of Macclesfield
Arnfield William 1734 of Macclesfield
Atkinson Rowland 1751 Of Macclesfield, Head School Master
Bancroft George 1723 Of Macclesfield
Barber James 1703 Of Macclesfield
Barbour Josiah 1708 Alderman
Barbour John 1712 Of Macclesfield bought from Samuel Taylor
Barbur John 1711 Of Macclesfield
Barlow Charles 1739 Of Worral
Barlow John 1746 Of Macclesfield, bought from Hannah Barber of Macc Widow
Barns Josiah 1750 Of Macclesfield, bought from Mr Garnett of Burland Cheshire
Barnsoft George 1677 Of Macclesfield
Barton William 1711 Of Macclesfield
Barton John 1767 Of Macclesfield, bought from Stephen Ford of Macc Attorney
Bayley Nathaniel 1739 Of Broken Cross, has a tenant David Johnson
Bennett Abraham 1715 Of Sutton
Bennett Henry 1729 Of Macclesfield, bought from John Swindells of Rainow
Bennett Abraham 1737 Of Sutton
Bennett Peter 1765 Of Macclesfield, bought from Hugh Byron
Bennett John 1765 Of Hurdsfield
Billinge Peter 1737 Of Macclesfield, bought from John Partington
Billinge Fredrick 1754 Of Macclesfield, bought from Charles Hibbert of Sutton
Binges James 1756 Of Macclesfield, bought from Joseph Olliver of Wildboarclough
Biron Doctor 1741 Of Manchester, has a house in Hurdsfield calles Shrigley Fould
Birtles Robert 1711 Of Macclesfield bought from Samuel Clowes of Wincle
Birtles David 1726 Of Macclesfield, bought from James Andrew
Birtles Josiah 1742 Of Henbury
Blackburn Humphrey 1740 Of Macclesfield
Blacklegg Rebecca 1700 Of Macclesfield, widow of Samuel
Blackman John 1719 Of Rainow
Blackwell Richard 1713 Of Macclesfield bought from Thomasin Orme of Macc
Blackwell George 1739 Of Macclesfield
Blackwell John 1747 Of Mottram St Andrew
Blackwol Thomas 1742 Of Adlington
Blagg Edward 1710 Of Hurdsfield
Blagg William 1711 Of Macclesfield
Booth William 1737 Of Macclesfield, Yeoman
Booth Matthew 1762 Of Macclesfield, grocer, bought from John Blackwell and widow Oldham
Boothby Robert 1747 Of Rainow
Bortles David 1720 Of Macclesfield, bought from Mary Foxlow
Bosely John 1717 Of Macclesfield
Bostock John 1721 Of Macclesfield
Bostock Edward 1731 Of Harrop in Rainow, a Dyer
Botham Mary 1695 Of Macclesfield, bought from Thomas Rodes of Macc
Boulton Richard 1677 Of Macclesfield
Boulton Roger 1682 Of Macclesfield, bought from George Bancroft
Boulton Roger 1682 Of Macclesfield , bought from Thomas Hall
Bower Ralph 1741 Of Macclesfield
Bradburn Alice 1737 Of Macclesfield, Widow
Braddock James 1710 Of Macclesfield
Bradock Thomas 1727 Of Macclesfield
Bradock Ellen 1741 Of Macclesfield
Bradock James 1742 Of Macclesfield  Dyer, bought from John Hall of Castleton, Derby
Bramhall Joseph 1732 Of Brook Lane
Brasie John 1729 Of Macclesfied
Brickill John 1745 Of Macclesfield, bought from James Latham
Brimmer Mary 1720 Daughter of James of Macclesfield
Broadhurst Roger 1679 of Sutton, bought from Richard Workington
Broadhurst John 1703 Of Hurdsfield
Broadhurst Ralph 1715 Of Macclesfield bought from James Broadhurst
Broadhurst James 1719 Groom to John Broadhurst
Broadhurst Thomas 1720 Of Macclesfield
Broadhurst Ralph 1724 Of Sutton
Broadhurst Roger 1724 Of Sutton
Broadhurst Thomas 1724 of Sutton
Broadhurst Thomas 1724 Of Sutton
Broadhurst Ralph 1732 Of Macclesfield
Broadhurst Ralph 1733 Of Macclesfield
Broadhurst Ralph 1736 Of Macclesfield, bought from Samuel Clowes of Alderley
Broadhurst Ralph 1742 Of Midgley in Wincle
Broadhurst Roger 1750 Of the Lea in Sutton
Brocklehurst Thomas 1719 Of Macclesfield bought from Thomas Pott
Brocklehurst William 1729 Of Macclesfield
Brocklehurst John 1743 Of Macclesfield
Broster John 1767 Of Macclesfield, innholder, bought from Joseph Sleath of Derby
Brough Edmund the younger 1724 Of Wildboarclough
Brown John 1731 Of Macclesfield, bought from Josiah Rathbone
Brown John 1741 Of Macclesfield, bought from John Swindells
Brylan Thomas 1768 Of Macclesfield, Grocer, bought from Mr Pierpoint of Bollington
Bullock William 1747 Of Sutton
Bunnil Thomas 1755 Of Prestbury
Burges Samuel 1736 Of Macclesfield
Burgess William 1723 Of Macclesfield
Burgess Mary 1733 Of Macclesfield widow, bought from Thomas Wheelton
Burscoe John 1762 Of Macclesfield, inherited from Mrs Andrew
Buttler John 1737 Of Buglawton, has an estate in Sutton called Rosam Clowes
Buxton John 1714 Of Macclesfield bought from George Lowe of Macc
Buxton Nathaniel 1721 Of Macclesfield
Buxton Samuel 1763  
Byron Hugh 1711 of Alderley
Byron Hugh 1719 Of Morley
Byrron Humphrey 1735 Of Alderley
Chadwick William 1747 Of Sutton
Challinor Thomas 1680 bought from Charles Gouridge of Mddx
Chambray George 1721 Of Macclesfield, bought from Roger Stubbs of Macc
Chantler Edward 1749 Of Macclesfield, Blacksmith, bought from Josiah Burns
Chatham Thomas 1682 Of Macclesfield
Cheetham John 1730 Of Knutsford
Cherry Henry 1739 Of Sutton
Clark George 1746 Of Macclesfield
Clarke Thomas 1661 Of Macclesfield, bought from Thomas Henley
Clayton William 1717 Of Macclesfield
Clayton William 1743 Of Macclesfield, Alderman
Clayton William 1744 Of Macclesfield, Alderman
Clowes William 1697 Of Langley
Clowes Josiah 1710 Of Macclesfield
Clowes Samuel 1711 Of Wincle
Clowes Robert 1720 Of Langley
Clowes Robert 1727 Of Langley, exchanged with James Pickford of Sutton
Clowes Robert 1730 Of Langley, also mentions Maddam Thornicroft Widow
Clowes Samuel 1735 Of Chapel en le Firth
Clowes Sarah 1737 Of Macclesfield
Clulowe John 1753 Of Sutton
Condiff John 1721 Of Macclesfield, bought from Francis Legh of the Ridge
Condlyffe James 1739 Of Macclesfield
Culcheth Ralph 1717 Of Macclesfield
Dail Hannah 1736 Of Macclesfield
Dale Martha 1712 Of Macclesfield bought from Joshua Hayes Of Macc Forest
Dale John 1720 Of Macclesfield, bought from William Girton
Daniel Alice 1746 Of Macclesfield, bought from John Hough of Macc
Davenport Thomas 1748 Of Macclesfield, bought from Executors of William Lunt
Davenport Mary 1765 Of Bollington, widow
Davey Henry 1705 Of Macclesfield
Davie Hugh 1743 Of Macclesfield, bought from Mary Dickinson widow
Deane Peter 1677 Of Macclesfield
Dickenson William 1695 Of Macclesfield
Dickenson Jonathan 1708 Of Macclesfield bought from John Bostock
Dickenson Jonathan 1718 Of Macclesfield, bought from Ralph Gilford
Dickinson Thomas 1735 Of Macclesfield
Dowey Hugh 1734 Of Macclesfield, bought from Joshua Mottorshead
Downes William 1715 Of Sutton
Dumville James 1727 Of Lindow
Eccles Joseph 1729 Of Macclesfield, bought from Thomas Warburton
Eccles Samuel 1744 Of Macclesfield, Goldsmith
Eccles Daniel 1748 Of Macclesfield
Eddows John 1734 Of Macclesfield
Etchells Matthew 1765 Of Park Lane
Fellows Thomas 1705 Of Macclesfield
Ferneyhough Ann 1709 Of Macclesfield
Forrest Jonathan 1720 Of Macclesfield
Fowler Amos 1709 Of Macclesfield
Fowler James 1741 Of Macclesfield
Ganday Thomas 1735 Of Macclesfield
Gaskall Joseph 1723 Of Macclesfield