Macclesfield St Michael's Pews index H-O


Surname Forename Year Notes
Hall Nicholas 1681 Of Macclesfield bought from Richard Worthington jun.
Hall Jonas 1720 Of Macclesfield
Hall William 1721 Of Macclesfield
Hall Thomas 1737 Of Macclesfield
Hall John 1750 Of Macclesfield, Throwster, bought from Hugh Byrom of Macc
Hall David 1763 Silk Merchant
Hammond Edward 1707 Of Macclesfield bought from Roger Stubbs of Macclesfield
Harding Richard 1717 Of Mottram
Harper Ann 1709 Of Macclesfield bought from John Broadhurst of Hurdsfield
Harpur Ann 1707 Of Macclesfield bought from John Bostock
Harrop Moses 1719 Of Macclesfield
Harrop Jonathan 1724 Of Macclesfield
Harrop Robert 1738 Of Macclesfield
Harryman Samuel 1720 Of Mill Street Macclesfield
Hartley Elizabeth 1737 Of Macclesfield, bought from Jonathan Kitchen
Harvey Henry 1767 Bought from Phillip Wood of Macclesfield Twister
Hawkins John 1728 Of Macclesfield
Heaps Robert 1720 Of Back Lane
Heardshead William 1677 Of Macclesfield
Heath Samuel 1707 Of Titherington bought from Mr Clowes of Langley
Heath Thomas 1764 Of Macclesfield
Heathcott William 1721 Of Macclesfield
Henshall Richard 1707 Of Macclesfield
Hibbert Thomas 1703 of the Ridge in Bollington
Hibbert Charles 1713 Of Sutton
Hibbert Charles 1734 Of Macclesfield
Hibbert Elizabeth 1735 Of Macclesfield, widow of Charles
Hibbert Charles 1743  
Hibbert Charles 1748 Of Sutton
Higginbotham Mary 1706 Of Sutton
Higginbotham John 1724 Of Sutton
Higginbotham John 1754 Of Macclesfield, bought from John & Elizabeth Holland
Higginbotham Martha 1765 Bought from Amos Hall
Hobson James 1716 Of Macclesfield
Holland Ralph 1670 Of Hurdsfield
Holland John 1675  
Holland Thomas 1679 Of Hurdsfield
Holland William 1708 Of Macclesfield
Holland Thomas 1733 Of Macclesfield
Holland Phillip 1735 Of Macclesfield
Holland John 1743 Of Macclesfield, bought from John Brazon, Glazier
Holland Phillip 1749 Of Macclesfield, Alderman
Hollingwood Samuel 1695 Of Macclesfield bought from William Mottorshead
Hollinshead John 1680 Of Macclesfield
Hollinshead Thomas 1682  
Hollinshead John 1749 Of Macclesfield
Hooley Jasper 1715 Of Macclesfield bought from Samuel Watson
Hooley Mary 1719 Of Macclesfield
Hooley James 1721 Of Hurdsfield
Hooley Jasper 1736 Of Macclesfield Forest
Hooley Jonathan 1748 Of Macclesfield Forest
Hordern Hugh 1722 Of Macclesfield, bought from Philamon Mainwaring
Hordern Robert 1727 Of Macclesfield
Hordern Thomas 1743 Of Macclesfield
Hornman Samuel 1722 Of Macclesfield, bought from William Eccles
Hough John 1722 Of Macclesfield
Hough John 1738 Of Horton in Stafford
Hough Joshua 1754 Of Macclesfield, bought from John and Elizabeth Holland
Hoult Edward 1746 Of Macclesfield
Hoyle George 1695 Of Macclesfield, bought from John Fallows
Hoyle George 1704 Of Macclesfield
Hubbard Thomas 1709 Of Sutton
Hudson Elizabeth 1719 Of Macclesfield
Hulley Joseph 1708 Of Macclesfield bought from Ralph Pownall Sen. of Macc
Hulley Jasper 1712 Of Macclesfield bought from Richard Worthington
Hulley John 1736 Son of Jasper, Alderman, bought from Joseph Lowe of Rainow
Hulley Jasper 1745 Of Rainow
Hulme James 1730 Of Grassley in Wincle
Hulme James 1735 Of Greasley in Wincle
Ingman Godfrey 1735 Of Macclesfield
Jackson Edward 1679 Of Macclesfield, bought from William Frost of Macc
Jackson Adam 1713 Of Macclesfield
Jackson Esther 1714 Of Rainow
Jackson Mary and Ann 1719 Of Hurdsfield heiresses of John Jackson
Janney Joseph 1734 Of Hurdsfield
Janson Rev. Jonathan 1739 Of Macclesfield
Jarman Hugh 1717 Of Adlington
Jarman Hugh 1737 Of Broken Cross
Johnson John 1714 Of Macclesfield, bought from William Watson of Macc
Johnson Henry 1716 Of Broken Cross
Johnson John 1719 Of Brown Lowe in Sutton
Johnson John 1731 Of Macclesfield, bought from Charles Walker of Macc
Johnson John 1731 Of Macclesfield, bought from William Young
Johnson Sarah 1736 Of Macclesfield, Widow
Johnson James 1738 and Mary Johnson his sister of Macclesfield
Johnson Cath 1741 Of Macclesfield
Johnson William 1741 Of Macclesfield
Johnson Jonathan 1750 Of Macclesfield, bought from Thomas hall of Macc
Johnson Edward 1750 Of Macclesfield, bought from William Whittaker of Park Lane
Johnson Ann 1752 Of Macclesfield Widow, bought from Richard Lunt
Johnson Thomas 1766 Of Sutton , Carpenter bought from James Rowson Silk Merchant
Johnson John 1751 Of Bownlow, bought from John Brough
Kelsall Jonathan 1743 Of Macclesfield, bought from Josiah Rathbone
Kitchen Jonathan 1732 Of Macclesfield
Kitchen Jonathan 1737 Of Macclesfield
Lankford Harry 1765 Bought from John Philpot, also mentions Francis Rushton
Latham Francis 1715 Of Sutton
Latham Hugh 1734 Of Sutton
Latham James 1735 Of Macclesfield
Latham James 1743 Of Macclesfield
Latham Charles 1747 Of Sutton
Leah Samuel 1709 Of Sutton
Leah Elizabeth 1754 Of Macclesfield, bought from Charles Hibbert of Sutton
Legh Thomas 1718 Of The Ridge
Legh Francis 1733 Of Macclesfield
Leigh John 1682 Of Macclesfield, bought from William Latham of Bosley
Lindhorse Thomas 1717 Of Macclesfield bought from George Swindells
Lorington Samuel 1751 Of Macclesfield
Lowe George 1711 Of Macclesfield
Lowe Joseph 1724 Of Rainow
Lowton Thomas 1737 Of Macclesfield
Lunt William 1733 Of Manchester
Lunt Richard 1733 Of Macclesfield
Lunt William 1744 Of Macclesfield, late of Excise Office
Macom John 1750 Of Macclesfield, bought from James Dumville
Manwairing Phileman 1711 Of Macclesfield
Mason Thomas 1765  
Mayer Nathaniel 1745 Of Macclesfield
Mayor Peter 1720 Of Macclesfild, bought from Henry Johnson of Broken Cross
Mayr Peter 1731 Of Macclesfield
Mellor Nerimiah 1715 bought from Ronald Broom
Morris Samuel 1727 Of the Beach, bought from James Andrew
Morton William 1745 Of Prestbury
Mottorsfield Josiah 1710 Of Macclesfield
Mottorshead Samuel 1678 Of Macclesfield
Mottorshead William 1691 Of Goostrey, Bought from John Hollinshead of Macc
Mottorshead William 1713 Of Macclesfield
Mottorshead Jasper 1722 Of Macclesfield,
Mottorshead Joseph 1730 Of Macclesfield
Mottorshead Joshua 1731 Of Macclesfield
Mottorshead Jasper 1732 Of Macclesfield
Mottorshead Edward 1736 Of Macclesfield, Twister, bought from Thomas Mottorshead
Neild James 1721 Of Sutton, bought from James Goodwyn and Mary of Macc
Neild James 1755 Of Sutton
Newton Thomas 1731 Of Adlington, bought from Hugh Horden
Nixon Elizabeth 1709 Of Macclesfield a widow
Nixon Thomas 1721 Of London
Nixon James 1737 Of Macclesfield, Innkeeper
Nixon Robert 1744 Of Macclesfield
Nixon James 1749 Of Macclesfield, Throwster
Nixon Daniel 1753 Of Macclesfield
Norton Peter 1709 Of Sutton
Norton William 1731 Of Macclesfield
Norton William 1753 Of Macclesfield
Norton William 1753 Of Macclesfield
Oakes John 1678 Of Hurdsfield
Oakes Phillip 1695 Of Macclesfield
Oakes John 1737 Of Macclesfield
Oldfield John 1707 Of Sutton bought from Joshua Heyes of Macc Foprest
Oldfield George 1748 Of Hurdsfield, bought from Charles Wildblood of Macc
Oldham Richard 1712 Of Titherington
Oldham William 1712 Of Macclesfield
Oliver Joseph 1745 Of Wincle
Ollerenshaw Peter 1706 Of Macclesfield
Orme Phillip 1677 Of Macclesfield
Orme Edward 1705 Of Macclesfield
Orme John 1712 Of Macclesfield
Orme Thomas 1716 Of Macclesfield
Orme Moses 1734 Of Rainow, also Aaron Orme of Adlington
Orme Peter 1753 Of Macclesfield
Orme William 1752 Of Macclesfield
Orme Thomas 1754 Of Macclesfield, bought from Robert Thorniley