Wincle Burials


Wincle Registers before 1803 were destroyed by a careless Church Warden. Some of the baptisms and burials appear in the Macclesfield St Michael register between 1739 and 1759 with some gaps. Here are those that appear in Surname Order

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Date Name D/S Father Surname Mother Place
1st July 1739 ? s Richard Ainsworth   Wincle
14th December 1740 Isaac s Isaac Ainsworth   Wincle
13th January 1741 Edmund s Richard Ainsworth   Wincle
1st April 1742 Mary d Isaac Ainsworth   Wincle
1st August 1742 Richard s Richard Ainsworth   Wincle
26th January 1746 Edward s Richard Ainsworth   Wincle
6th December 1747 Jane d Isaac Ainsworth   Wincle
25th March 1759 Mary d William Armett   Sutton
12th March 1752 Sarah d Joseph Barber   Wincle
August 1754 Jonathan s Joseph  Barber   Wincle
20th January 1740 James s Richard Bennett   Wincle
26th January 1746 Ellen d Fredrick Billing   Macclesfield
26th July 1751 Jake s John Bollinshaw   Wincle
26th September 1742 Mary s Jonathan Broadhurst   Wincle
24th February 1744 Ellen d Jonathan Broadhurst   Wincle
26th June 1747 John s Jonathan Broadhurst   Wincle
9th November 1750 Jonathan s Jonathan Broadhurst   Wincle
4th Novemeber 1739 Mary d William Brown   Wincle
6th February 1741 Sarah d William Brown   Wincle
17th May 1752 Sarah d David Brunley    
17th Septemmber 1752 John s Humphrey Chaddock    
19th July 1751 Lidia d Joshua Chady?   Wildboarclough
14th October 1759 Martha d Isaac Chapel   Wincle
27th September 1745 William s James Cliffe   Wincle
24th June 1747 Thomas s James Cliffe   Sutton
31st March 1754 William s James Cliffe   Sutton
23rd September 1744 Elizaebeth d John Clowes   Wildboarclough
17th March 1750 Hannah d Joseph Clowes   Wincle
10th November 1753 Sarah d Joseph Clowes   Wildboarclough
4th Novemeber 1739 George s James Cooper   Wildboarclough
10th June 1741 George s James Cooper   Wildboarclough
17th April 1745 Hannah d James Cooper   Wildboarclough
28th April 1750 Mary s Samuel Cottarel   Wincle
9th February 1745 Ann d Thomas Cotteril   Wincle
6th December 1745 John s Joshua Cundie   Wincle
25th March 1759 Joshua s Samuel Cundiff    
23rd May 1743 Esther d Edward Dawson   Wincle
8th February 1748 Margaret d William Dawson   Wincle
5th May 1751 Sarah d Edward Dawson   Wincle
25th December 1752 Thomas d William Dawson    
8th October 1754 William s William Dawson   Wincle
11th June 1743 William s William Farrington   Wincle
22nd June 1740 George s Richard Finney   Wincle
15th August 1745 Robert s Thomas Frost   Of the Forest
7th July 1741 Thomas s Thomas Goodfellow   Wincle
1st July 1742 John s Thomas Goodfellow   Wincle
24th February 1750 Sarah d Thomas Goodfellow   Wincle
5th December 1742 Mary d Phillip  Hayer   Wincle
3rd May 1741 James s James Hudson   Wincle
26th July 1741 Joseph s Jonathan Hudson   Wildboarclough
19th August 1744 Martha d Nicholas Hudson   Wincle
9th September 1743 Betty d William Johnson    
20th December 1748 James s Anne Knowles   Wincle
10th December 1747 Mary d Thomas Madew   Wincle
25th December 1751 William s Thomas Madew   Wincle
22nd June 1740 Phoebe d Matthew Mason   Wildboarclough
6th December 1743 Mathias s Mathias Mason   Wildboarclough
25th December 1743 Ralph s Thomas Mattchet   Wincle
Ist October 1741 Thomas s Thomas Maydew   Wincle
14th March 1743 Sarah d Thomas Maydew   Wincle
5th June 1743 Dorothy d John Merryman   Wincle
3rd March 1742 James s Edmund  Mottorshead   Wildboarclough
14th February 1741 Mary d Samuel Newton   Wincle
2nd September 1744 Samuel s Samuel Newton   Wincle
17th June 1739 Thomas S Henry Oldfield   Wincle
16th December 1745 Ann d Thomas Oldfield   Wincle
9th October 1741 Mary d Jonah Oliver   Wincle
October 2nd 1744 Ellen d Jonah Oliver   Wincle
5th July 1747 William s William Rowson   Wincle
27th May 1759 Thomas s Martha Shatlow    
6th February 1741 Phillip s Phillip  Shatwell   Wincle
3rd May 1741 Hannah d Phillip  Shatwell   Wildboarclough
24th Novemerb 1742 Mary d Henry Shatwell   Wincle
30th October 1743 Martha d Phillip  Shatwell   Wincle
19th August 1744 ? s Phillip  Shatwell   Wildboarclough
24th November 1744 Sarah d Jeramy Shatwell   Wincle
20th April 1754 Joseph s Joseph Shrigley?   Sutton
26th November 1746 Elizaebeth d John Shufflebotham   Sutton
13th March 1742 Hannah s George Sutton   Wincle
25th February 1759 James s James Tinsely    
24th November 1759 Lawrence s Joseph Wagstaff   Wincle
16th July 1743 Martha s Joseph Wilshaw   Wince
16th June 1759 Ann d William Wilshaw