Surnames L-W


Burials at Wincle that appear in the Macclesfield St Michael registers from 1734-1738 Surnames A-H

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Date Name S/D/W of Parent/Spouse Surname Place
15th May 1739 Jane     Ainsworth  
8th December 1741 Edward s Richard Ainsworth Wincle
31st October 1742 Mary s Isaac Ainsworth Wincle
26th December 1754 Elizabeth w Jonathan Anslem Wildboarclough
25th December 1745 Damarin     Antrobus  
13th October 1752 Thomas s William Armitt  
29th May 1736 Sarah     Ash  
10th December 1746 Martha d Sampson Barber Wincle
29th May 1738 Elizabeth w John Barlow Sutton
10th April 1743 Ralph s John Barlow Sutton
10th March 1744 Sarah     Barlow Wincle
30th March 1750 Edward     Barlow Wincle
19th January 1751 Betty w Moses Barlow Sutton
6th May 1754 Mary d Moses Barlow Sutton
7th December 1754 John     Barlow Bosley
3rd June 1738 Sarah     Baslow Wildboarclough
23rd January 1741 John     Bason Wincle
2nd March 1740 James s Richard Bennet Wincle
7th June 1744 Mary w Richard Bennet Wincle
7th October 1743 Joshua     Bester Wincle
3rd July 1742 Ralph s Richard Birchenhall  
16th September 1738 William     Birchenough Wincle
16th April 1739 Mary     Birchenough Eaton STS
4th June 1742 Richard     Birchenough Wildboarclough
24th October 1742 Esther w Daniel Birchenough Wildboarclough
15th August 1734 Sarah w William Birchinough Wincle
7th August 1748 Mary     Bradley Wildboarclough
26th January 1751 Ellen     Bridley Wildboarclough
21st July 1738 Jeffrey     Brindley Wildboarclough
11th April 1743 Edward     Broadburst Wincle
25th February 1742 Sarah w Joseph Broadburst  
24th April 1745 Mary     Broadburst Wincle
26th January 1745 Mary d Jonathan Broadburst Wincle
16th November 1746 Sarah d Ralph Broadburst Wincle
3rd September 1747 Mary w Edward Broadburst Wildboarclough
16th January 1747 Mary     Broadburst Wincle
13th November 1747 Ralph s Ralph Broadburst Wincle
22nd January 1748 Ralph     Broadburst Wincle
5th November 1749 Mary d Jonathan Broadburst Wincle
18th September 1753 Rebecca     Broadburst Wincle
26th July 1735 John     Brown Wincle
30th September 1753 George s George Brunt Wildboarclough
11th January 1746 John s Martha Bullock Wildboarclough
2nd November 1740 Mary     Chappel Flash
27th October 1749 Sarah w Moses Chappel Wildboarclough
14th January 1751 John     Chappel Wincle
12th December 1752 Ruth w Joseph Chappel  
15th February 1740 Mary     Clowes  
26th November 1734 John     Cooper Wildboarclough
20th April 1740 George s James Cooper Wildboarclough
6th November 1746 Elizabeth     Cooper Wildboarclough
2nd July 1753 Alice d Daniel Cooper Wincle
28th February 1736 Mary d John Cotterill Wildboarclough
25th December 1737 Sarah w Peter Cotterill Sutton
4th April 1740 Samuel     Cotterill Wincle
12th October 1740 Mary w John Cotterill Wincle
27th August 1752 John     Cotterill  
26th May 1741 Robert s John Cowper Wildboarclough
22nd November 1741 Sarah     Dakin  
1st October 1734 Hannah d Andrew Dale Wincle
29th September 1736 William     Davenport Wincle
16th April 1743 Mary     Davenport Wincle
23rd July 1740 Marta     Dawson Wincle
14th March 1735  Roger?     Day Wharnford
6th October 1743 Mary     Day Wharnford
6th September 1735 Anne w James Downes Gradbick
2nd August 1740 John     Downes Gradbach STS
10th June 1743 William s William Farringood Wincle
2nd July 1738 Dorothy d Thomas Goodfellow Wincle
1st September 1741 Thomas s Thomas Goodfellow Wincle
9th August 1742 John s Thomas Goodfellow Wincle
25th March 1746 Mary w Thomas Goodfellow Wincle
17th May 1752 Sarah d Thomas Goodfellow  
3rd May 1742 Hannah     Goodwin Bosley
18th May 1752 Mary d Abel Goodwin  
4th July 1736 Abel s Abel Goodwyn Sutton
9th July 1736 Ann d Abel Goodwyn Sutton
17th July 1737 Elizabeth     Greaves Sutton
9th February 1745 Francis s Joseph Hadfield Sutton
4th March 1745 Sarah w Joseph Hadfield Sutton
3rd August 1742 John     Hadson Wildboarclough
2nd July 1753 Edward s Jonathan Hanset Wincle
2nd July 1753 Sarah d Jonathan Hanset Wincle
12th August 1753 Betty     Hanset Wincle
27th June 1735 Edward     Hanson Wildboarclough
22nd August 1736 James s Jonathan Hardall Wildboarclough
21st February 1734 Sarah w Edward Harding Sutton
24th April 1747 Philip s Philip Hayes Sutton
10th October 1747 William s Philip Hayes Sutton
4th June 1738 Joseph s Joseph Haywood Of Forrest
4th July 1749 Joseph     Haywood Wildboarclough
26th April 1743 Mary w Jonathan Hensel Wildboarclough
1st December 1737 Joshua     Hind Easton
20th May 1735 John     Hindley Heaton Staffs
15th July 1739 Rachel     Holland Hasleson?
27th March 1734 Ann     Hudson Wildboarclough
22nd February 1734 Margaret d James Hudson  
3d February 1736 James     Hudson Wincle
1st January 1737 Ann     Hudson Wildboarclough
28th December 1738 Ann w Jonathan Hudson Wildboarclough
14th December 1743 Jane w John Hudson Wildboarclough
10th March 1745 John     Hudson Wildboarclough
26th February 1746 Mary w Jonathan Hudson Wildboarclough
16th April 1747 James s James Hudson Wildboarclough
16th May 1747 Martha     Hudson Wildboarclough